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Lighting University for you


Lighting University offers a comprehensive range of educational resources for people who want to expand their lighting knowledge. With a rich history in lighting, Philips is uniquely qualified to bridge the gap between cutting edge lighting innovation and the real-world solutions required by professionals.


The University partners with world-leading experts to ensure we bring you up-to-date information and valuable inspiration. You will be sure to find something here to enlighten you.



查看我们的全球化页面,其中包含 150 多种不同的教学模块,涵盖网络研讨会、视频、课程、出版物和各项活动等不同内容。可以在您需要的时候随时丰富您的照明知识,并可以参加我们的一门课程以获得认证。浏览照明学院浏览器,搜索最令您感兴趣的主题,例如 LED 照明、互联照明、灯光和健康之间的关系或照明理论。










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