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Technical Downloads

Downlight & spotlight systems / 筒射灯系统

Fortimo LED SLM

Gen 6Gen 6

Gen 5Gen 5
Fortimo LED DLM Flex
Fortimo LED DLM ES
Fortimo LED SLM ES
CertaFlux LED DLM ES
Certaflux DL-S
Certaflux SLS
Certaflux SLM C G1
Certaflux LED DLM Slim

Linear LED systems / 条状灯系统

Fortimo LED Strip
Fortimo LED Line


Family information


CAD files

Photometric files

Rayset files


Fortimo LED Line High Flux
CertaFlux LED Strip
InteGrade LED engine system (-30 to +30° C)
InteGrade LED fixture system (-30 to +30° C)

Area LED systems


Outdoor & Industry LED Systems

Certaflux PLM
Fortimo FastFlex Gen 3
Fortimo FastFlex Gen 4
Fortimo High Bay

Refrigerated display lighting

ROHS China

LED Drivers / LED 电源

Indoor Linear / 线光源
Xitanium Indoor Linear (isolated) / 隔离式
Xitanium Indoor Linear (non-isolated) / 非隔离式
CertaDrive Indoor Linear (non-isolated) / 非隔离式
Certadrive Indoor Linear (Isolated) / 隔离式
CertaDrive Indoor Linear (Isolated, independent) / 隔离,独立式
Indoor Point / 点光源
Xitanium Indoor Point (Built-in) / 内装式


CAD files

Xitanium 50WXitanium 50W
Xitanium Indoor Point (Independent) / 独立式
CertaDrive Indoor Point (Independent) / 独立式

Constant Voltage Indoor / 恒压电源

Outdoor / 室外

Built-in / 内装式

Built-in Gen 2 / 内装式 Gen 2
Built-in Gen 3 / 内装式 Gen 3

General information


CAD files


Built-in Programmable / 内装式 可编程
General information Datasheets CAD files Certificates
Built-in IEC / 内装式 欧标
Built-in HCN / 内装式 美标HCN
Independent / 独立式防水电源
Independent Gen 1 / 防水电源 Gen 1
Independent Gen 3 / 防水电源 Gen 3
General information Datasheets CAD files Certificates
Independent TWE / 防水电源 TWE
Xitanium LP/FP
Xitanium FP
Xitanium LP
Xitanium Constant Current DC Input / 直流电源
Constant Voltage Outdoor / 恒压电源
Accessories / 配件